Logitech G Pro X review: Crisp and clear microphone

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  • Good audio quality
  • Sick software support
  • Comfortable
  • Lots of accessories
  • Full potential on PC only

Logitech has been one of the pioneers in the gaming industry. They’re in the game for a long time and offer a broad spectrum of products’ overall price ranges. The Logitech G Pro X tries to satisfy the needs of professional gamers in form of an affordable product. In other words: their goal is to create a headset that is adjusted for top-tier gaming but in reach for as many gamers as possible.

The price of about $ 100.00 to $ 130.00 is really fair for the broad scope of delivery that Logitech offers. The headset has a lot of comfort, sophisticated design, good audio quality and a lot of accessories.


The Logitech G Pro X comes with a whole lot. Delivered in a cushioned carry bag you can find a detachable boom microphone together with a small USB DAC attachment for your PC, two detachable 3.5mm cords with different inline controls and a 3.5mm splitter for desktop and analog inputs. Additionally to the preinstalled leather earpads you also get a pair of optional velour pads delivered, which is great if you’re a gamer with glasses.


Logitech G Pro X

The design of the headset is very well thought out and gives a premium feel. The steel headband is cushioned with a leatherette material and uses aluminum forks to hold the ear cups. The cups themselves have a black matte finish and showcase the Logitech logo in their center. The good quality build of the headset ties durability and comfort neatly together, ensuring you to enjoy long gaming sessions effortlessly. With a weight of 11.3 ounces (338 gams) the G Pro X is also pretty light.

The earcups offer a lot of room for adjustment while still maintaining a nice tension to make the headset securely rest on your head. Logitech just found the perfect mixture of versatility for different head shapes and tightness; something that many headsets fail to achieve.

With all the features, cords and attachments the Logitech G Pro X seems rather complicated to use, but it’s actually incredibly easy and straightforward. The cords vary slightly with their in-line controls, but besides that everything gets handled in their G Hub software. One cord is braided and meant for PC use and one cord is plastic coated and meant for smartphones. On the PC cord, you have a volume dial and a switch to mute your microphone. On the other one, there’s a button for pausing and resuming music.

To get access to the full functionality of the headset you’ll have to install the software. With the G Hub software, Logitech improved very much on user-friendliness. The new software finally fixed so many things of the app they used previously (the Logitech Gaming Software app). Inside their software, you get access to microphone settings, surround sound and the ability to change EQs. The software even goes as far as giving you the ability to change the volume of individual speakers of the virtual 7.1 setup. In a gaming scenario, you might increase the sounds coming from the backside for example to easily hear ambushes from behind.

When we’re talking about the microphone settings things get really juicy. The G Pro X is the first of Logitech’s headsets that support the Blue Vo!ce software. This gives you so many options and possibilities to play with. The Blue Vo!ce software essentially lets you customize your microphone settings to the finest details. You can change balance presets, add expander, limiter, compressor, de-esser, high pass filter, or your very own noise reduction. As you can see, it does bring a lot to the table. This adds so much to the quality and versatility when compared to other microphones. And this isn’t just nice to have on paper, when you turn the Blue Vo!ce software on you can actually instantly notice an improvement in audio quality.


Thanks to the wired connection options you can connect the G Pro X with almost any console or device. As mentioned earlier, you only get access to the G Hub software when you’re using your PC though. This means in conclusion that you also only have access to the spatial surround sound when the headset is connected to the PC. Surround sound or not, the gaming experience is of great quality on any device tested.

Surround sound isn’t some magical tool that will increase your gaming experience by a huge amount. If you’re good, the slightly more accurate information about audio cues might give a minor advantage in certain situations. Even without the surround sound, there’s no problem with identifying from which direction the sound cues are coming from.

Logitech G Pro X

The headset is quite pleasant to use for multiple hours and adapts to different sound profiles very well. This makes it viable throughout all kinds of genres. The Logitech G Pro X outputs very accurate sound up to about 3kHz, with only a slight de-emphasis in the lower bass range – this is a very common thing in this product category and won’t have much or any impact on most users.

Sounds like cymbals might not come across as prominently as they should, but the bass and vocals will still sound very good. In a video game environment, this sort of behavior makes for an actually good experience. Unlike most gaming headsets the G Pro X doesn’t boost the bass into oblivion, which is very appreciated.

The headset doesn’t have any sort of active noise canceling, but still offers great isolation. The G pro X will usually block out any typical sounds that might occur in a home environment. Since there is no ANC you’ll hear anything louder than that. If you opt for the velour pads the isolation gets a bit worse, but the comfort during long gaming sessions slightly increases.

The microphone overall does feel a bit worse than average microphones on gaming headsets. With a de-emphasis in the bass and mid-range and an over-emphasis in the high range, people with deep voices will sound distorted and quieter than people with higher voices. However, you can diminish almost any of these problems with the Blue Vo!ce app (as long as you’re on the PC, that is).


This headset definitely deserves a look into it, especially if for PC gamers. The Logitech G Pro X is very versatile and get’s shipped with a premium package. If you really like to talk a lot you will benefit from the Blue Vo!ce app a lot.

When you’re looking for a headset to play on your console you might miss out on some of the features. But at the end of the day, the headset is still very comfortable and has great sound. No matter the situation, if you go with the Logitech G Pro X you won’t go wrong. Logitech really put thought into this awesome gaming headset.

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