HyperX Cloud Alpha review: The best gaming headset under 100$

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  • Durable
  • Very good isolation
  • Excellent and balanced audio
  • Replacable parts
  • Great value
  • No extra features 
  • Not very portable

The HyperX Cloud gaming headsets are enjoying an almost unmatched dominance amongst gaming peripherals. It has achieved a level of recognition that has almost never been seen on a single product line. The enthusiasm of gamers about this headset doesn’t seem to end… And the reason is obvious. It’s overperforming in virtually any aspect at it’s price point of $ 100,00.

But does the HyperX Cloud Alpha live up to the high praise, or is it all just a huge hype?


HyperX Cloud Alpha preview

How does it feel to use it?

When you look at the Cloud Alpha you can immediately see that HyperX actually listened to the community and gave us what we really need. They focused on comfort, durability and ease of use. With this headset HyperX doesn’t want to shower you with fancy features, but rather want to provide quality through every aspect. And in doing so they were probably better than any of their competitors. 

The design of the HyperX Cloud Alpha is simple, yet very aesthetic. It reminds more of studio headphones than a gaming headset. There are red strokes on the classy matte black finish and there’s no fancy light show distracting you from it. You can find the HyperX logo printed on the back side of each ear cup as well as an embroided logo on the top band.

The headset is build with robust aluminum forks and joints and has extra thick padding on the headband and earcups. The cups are made of thick plastic with the center of the back being made of metal.

If you’re likely to find yourself hurling your headest through the room in a rage fueled moment, then this might just be the perfect headset for you. The Cloud Alpha is actually one of the most durable headsets you can get. If you still manage to break something, you can easily rebuy individual components of the headset without having to replace it as a whole. Replacable cables or microphones can be bought as low as $ 10,00 and increase the life expectancy exponentially.


HyperX Cloud Alpha Scope of delivery

The very thick leatherette memory foam pads offer great comfort and good isolation at the same time. In fact, it’s probably the best isolation of any non active noise cancelling headset on the market. 

On the cable you can find a panel with a volume wheel and a mute button for the microphone. Being able to quickly adjust the volume and mute your raging screams is absolutely convenient.

The 3.5mm headphone jack gives the HyperX Cloud Alpha high versatility. After plugging the headset in it is immediately at the top of it’s game – there are no gimmicks you need to take care of. Unlike with most USB headsets there is no difference whether you use the Cloud Alpha on a console or on a PC. In fact, there isn’t even a software or anything else that you have to fiddle with. This thing is simple but effective and that’s exactly why it’s so popular. 


After testing the audio for a while you really start to understand why this gaming headset is so admired. Nice design, premium build, comfort, great isolation and astonishing audio quality.

The ear cups house HyperX’s “Dual Chamber Drivers”. This essentially means that the mids and bass will echo in separate chambers inside of the 50mm drivers. This is to decrease sound distortion and deliver crystal clear sound. While I can’t tell you if the Dual Chamber Drivers are the reason for the good audio, I can confirm that there is no distortion, but absolutely clear sound.

On a closer look, the frequency response has barely any deviations. There is a hump in the lower ends, but that is something you can find in literally any gaming headset on the market. The boosted lower end results in stronger bass, which is to emphasize explosions and other bass heavy sounds in video games. But here’s the thing with the Cloud Alpha. The boosted bass doesn’t interfere with the higher frequencies. Even though the lows are boosted you can hear all the mids and highs very clearly. In fact, the mids and highs are strikingly close to a neutral frequency response, which results in very true to nature sound.

When listening to music the different sounds of vocals, high notes and instruments are clear and well balanced. And all of this – as stated earlier – straight out of the box.

And just like expected with an eSport renown brand like HyperX, the headset really is top performing while gaming. The sounds in Valorant are clear, easy to keep track off and even with “just” stereo sound you can distingquish directional sound very easily.

In a gaming environment the frequency response is an absolut win-win situation. You can hear the roar of the thunder echoing dramatically through your headset while having the raindrops come down clear and full of details.

The good isolation of the closed back shells help immensely with game immersion and won’t let you miss even the faintest sounds.  

HyperX Cloud Alpha features

The microphone is designed to emphasize notes that will make your voice sound more clearly. There is still a little de-emphasis on certain notes which might distort deeper voices slightly, but this tuning is to counter typical overdrive when someone is too close to a microphone and results in overall pretty good quality. 


The bottom line is: There is a reason why this headset is so beloved by the community. HyperX did an amazing job on focusing what’s really important.

This headset is exactly for people that don’t need a whole festival-like lightning show going on, no gimmicks, not even a software. It’s for gamers that value quality and ease of use.

If you want to get an extra plug and play microphone for cheap, you can check out this list wich includes some awesome USB mics for little money.

Even though $ 100,00 might seem a lot, the value you get out of this gaming headset is insane.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha definitely deserves the attention it gets. Overall this stunning gaming headset is more than just an easy recommendation.

If you’re a big fan of Razer and looking for other options, you can also get the Razer Blackshark V2 which is a great headset for less than $ 100.00 as well.

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