HyperX Alloy Elite 2 review: Awesome RGB with Pudding Keycaps

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  • Pudding keycaps
  • Good materials
  • Nice media button an volume roller
  • No wrist rest
  • No dedicated macro keys

The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB got a new successor and it’s here to rock your table. It’s using the brand’s new HyperX key switches as well as their Pudding keycaps. These small but impactful changes, combined with a price cut down to $ 129,99 make for a more than decent gaming keyboard. 

If you’re curious why the hell you would want Pudding on your keyboard and how this makes for a super fancy RGB lightning show, then you should definitely read on.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 on desk

How Pudding is the recipe to striking design

Before I talk about anything else, let’s tackle one of the most tasty upgrades of the HyperX Alloy Elite 2: The Pudding ABS keycaps. These caps use a two layer design, with the bottom half being translucent. This allows more light to pass through and thus creates stunning RGB effects. Honestly, you can’t compare the amount of light emitted to any normal key caps. It’s insane and probably a must have for any RGB fanatic.

The top part is black and uses the usual bold HyperX font, with a logo being on the space bar. You can also get the Pudding keycaps separately with white or black tops to enhance the mechanical keyboard you’re already using.

The ABS caps feel good to use and offer good grip even when slamming different key combinations. The individual keys are further apart than usual though, which can get exhausting for your fingers over long periods of time. If you’re comfortable with that, or if you have big hands anyway, then the Pudding key caps will offer you a great experience.

Additionally to the enhanced illumination of the Pudding keycaps, there’s also a thin RGB divider between the keys and the media buttons. While the idea is great, the slim line of lightning kinda drowns in the lightning flood from the keys.


HyperX Alloy Elite 2 Pudding keycaps

Just like it’s predecessor the Elite 2 uses a sturdy steel plate with a metallic look. The weight of the steel plate ensures the keyboard to stay in place, even when you execute jumpy movements. The base of the keyboard is made of well manufactured plastic and gives an overall very premium feel. Despite the weight, the Elite 2 is a rather small keyboard with a size of 17.5 x 6.9 x 1.5 inches (444 x 174 x 37.4mm), but no worries, it will be the main act of your desk nonetheless.

In the top left corner of the keyboard you can find three function buttons. One to adjust the brightness of the RGBs, one to cycle through presets and one to activate the gaming mode. It’s nice to have those buttons, but they’re designed in an unnecessarily clunky fashion.

On the top right, above the dynamic light bar, you can find the dedicated metallic media buttons. Next to the classics like muting, pausing and fast forward/rewind you can also find a volume roller. Rolling it feels smooth, but also has a slightly wobbly feeling to it. The icons on the media buttons let RGB colors shine through and have a deep travel distance.

Another new feature is the USB 2.0 pass through at the top of the keyboard. When both of the braided USB connector cables are plugged in, you can use the pass through to connect an additional USB device. While this is not huge, it is an absolutely convenient and more than welcome improvement.

So far so good, but the cheaper price also results in HyperX slimming down on some features. Unlike on previous models, the Elite 2 comes without any sort of wrist rest. While this is probably no knock-out-criteria, it has become a very neat, comfort increasing standard.

Is the performance Pudding as well?

While the Elite RGB was using different Cherry MX switches, the newer model uses the HyperX Red switches. These are on paper a better version of the usual MX Red switches, as they have less travel distance and need less activation force. The actuation is reduced from 2mm down to 1.8mm and the travel distance is reduced from 4mm down to 3.8mm. The upgraded switches feel great, it’s unfortunate that you can’t get to choose from different types of switches anymore though.

Performance and sound wise the HyperX Reds can be compared very well with the Cherry MX Reds. The feeling of both switches is almost identical, as they are both linear and don’t have tactile feedback.

HyperX Red switches

Even though I got destroyed in WoW Arena more often than I’d like to admit, the fast switches still felt great. They are snappy, accurate and minimize the amount of missclicks. Button smashing to get the spells off ASAP feels good and using the spacebar has a very satisfying feedback.

If you know the HyperX software from previous purchases then you might be kinda scared of it. But rejoice, the Ngenuity software got big updates in the past and is much better designed and easier to use than in the past. The design is still far from perfect, as some features like the macro key mapping and game profiles are hidden down in a deep menu structure, but it’s a huge step-up.

You can create as menu profiles as you want within the software and store up to three profiles on the onboard storage of the keyboard. While you probably can get through with three stored profiles, it’s still less than you would expect on high-end devices.


The main objective of the HyperX Alloy Elite 2 is to be the main act of your desk. The sleek design and the strong RGB game are something you honestly don’t see on many keyboards and are definitely worth to check out.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2 Full view

Under the hood you get good performing HyperX Red switches, which are fast and responsive. The good performance and the sleek looks make the Elite 2 to a solid choice in almost any setup.

This keyboard is great if you want to dip into premium features like dedicated media buttons and USB passthrough, without having to spend a small fortune.

If you’re currently very happy with your keyboard, but want to enhance the effects of the RGBs, then you can grab the Pudding keycaps separately. If you’re looking for another alternative from Amazon, you can also grab the G.Skill Crystal Crown Keycaps.

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