Gear-rating just launched!

We are happy to announce that just went live! The website is still in a very early stage of its lifespan and will grow into a bigger place to discuss, rate and review gaming gear and gaming tech. The first focus of reviewing will be gaming peripherals, but the idea is to let the community decide what products shall be reviewed. Also, to loosen it a bit up, I’ll review fun techs like loot crates or RGB stuff that can be used around your gaming area! See our first Top 10 gadgets of Amazon post about this.

What does qualify me for reviewing gamer’s gear? Well, this site is designed to give advice from gamers to gamers. I myself feel a bit gifted in the world of online gaming. I am usually competing on top level and am matched more often than not with pro players in different game genres. For example, I’ve been playing CS:GO as Global Elite, Valorant as Immortal 3, DotA in the top 0.001% percentile of players and Gladiator in WoW (admittedly I never came out of diamond in Apex Legends). As this all might not seem to be much, I really take time to improve myself and get the best out of my skills and my overall gaming experience. I want to take my knowledge and insight to help others to get the best out of themselves as well.

With this said, I’m happy for any visitors to this website. If you like (or dislike) an article, please feel free to rate it. All links in the article are affiliate links, those help me out whenever you buy something via my articles. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.



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