Corsair Harpoon RGB wireless review: Cheap and slick

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  • Strong battery
  • Bad RGB placement

Wireless gaming mice pick up more and more popularity every year, but are often associated with being expensive flagship products. But holy… the Corsair Harpoon RGB proves that wireless gaming mice don’t have to be luxury-exclusives.

Corsair delivers a wireless mouse with a good sensor, programmable side buttons, comfortable and ergonomic shape, RGB and DPI profiles and all of that for only $ 49,99. 

The Corsair Harpoon RGB wireless doesn’t have any competitors that are nearly as affordable. Prices of wireless gaming mice usually start at around $ 59,99 and can easily break the $ 100,00 mark.

And btw, the wired version goes for $ 19,99 (!) on Amazon as well, which is straight up insane. 

Corsair Harpoon RGB wireless overview


The Corsair Harpoon RGB wireless looks and feels like it’s one of the big boys. It features a minimalistic and all-black design. The top part is made of one continues piece of plastic that starts at the base, extends over the back and flows out into the main mouse buttons. The design isn’t particularly distinctive or flashy, but looks decent.

The mouse weights in at only 99g, but due to it’s good build quality and ergonomics feels very good to use. The diamond textured rubber on the sides add grip, while the concave shape allows for a firm and comfortable hold. The textured rubber plateaus out on the bottom into a nice thumb rest. The design is surprisingly sophisticated and thought out for the costs of this mouse.

The form of the Harpoon RGB wireless doesn’t lean into a certain niche, but rather offers versatility. The curved shape allows your hand to comfortably rest on the back when you’re using a palm grip. While the hourglass-design will let your fingers wrap around naturally when using a claw grip. The overall punchline this mouse is going for is being a budget jack of all trades.

Between the edges of the main mouse buttons there is a gap, which honestly looks pretty cool, but also forces the charging cable to go pretty deep into the mouse. This actually means that only the delivered micro USB-cable can be used to charge the Harpoon RGB, as standard ones won’t fit.

Additionally to the LMB and RMB there’s a clickable scroll wheel, a DPI cycle button and two programmable side buttons. The buttons on the side are in a perfect mix of being easily accesible with the thumb, while not being in the way when they’re not needed.

Corsair Harpoon RGB buttons

Sadly enough, the RGB is one of the weak spots of the mouse. The only lighted area is the logo on the back, which will be blocked by your palm at all times when in use. At least it offers some value when your setup is in standby.

Underneath the mouse there’s a switch to change between 2.4 GHz wireless or Bluetooth LE 4.2, as well as a small chamber that can hold the wireless receiver, which is incredibly convenient and should be seen more often.


Here’s to the true test: Will this mouse transform you into an unstoppable headshot machine? Probably not, but for real, how does the sensor compete with other gaming mice? 

First off, yes, the optical sensor is extremely accurate. Even though I didn’t need to use it, the DPI can be cranked up to 10.000. 

To test how precise the sensor really is, I tested it with low DPI and wide arm movements in Valorant and the performance was… surprisingly good. The mouse is so responsive and accurate, that I couldn’t even blame it on me missing my shots.

For testing purposes I cranked the DPI up a bit and can confirm that it feels good to use up to 4.500 DPI. Afterwards it starts to become a bit jittery, but those numbers won’t see much practical use any way.

The gaming experience with this mouse is overall very good. The Harpoon RGB glides smoothly across any surface, while you’ll always stay in full control thanks to the good shape and rubber sides. The button layout is very satisfying and clicking the buttons feels good and reliable.

The Corsair Harpoon RGB wireless also uses the brand’s Slipstream technology. This basically means it’s shifting through different wireless frequencies to permanently ensure a stable connection and sub 1ms latency. Not only good in theory, but also high performing in practice.

Using the mouse with 2.4 GHz Slipstream mode gives you about 30 hours of battery life according to Corsair. This period can be extended by 10 more hours when in the Bluetooth mode. Turning the lightning off and the power saving mode on will total out in a use time of 60 hours with a single charge.

Corsair Harpoon RGB wireless battery overview

The Corsair Harpoon RGB can be used as plug-and-play, but using the iCUE software comes with a lot of benefits. Besides tweaking the DPI and customizing the lightning you get to set macros for your extra buttons. The software might not be as user friendly as Razer’s or Logitech’s, but offers great functionality.

Inside of it you can save up to five DPI profiles and cycle through them with the designated DPI button on the top.

The side buttons can be mapped to any button of your liking, or be used as special action buttons. For example, you can assign one of the buttons to be a sniper button, which drastically reduces the DPI as long as it’s pressed, to temporarily increase accuracy.

There is one more cool feature worth talking about and that’s the RGB logo being a DPI indicator. You can assign colors to your DPI profiles and the RGBs will light the logo accordingly. As mentioned earlier this isn’t 100% ideal, because you’ll cover up the logo most of the time, but it is a nice feature anyway.

This budget mouse having onboard memory is one of the things that surprised me the most. Heck, sometimes even mid-tier peripherals don’t offer onboard storage. Storing your presets onto the mouse adds to the versatility, as you can easily bring your mouse as a plug-and-play device to any location, while keeping all your preferences.


Corsair could double the price of the Harpoon RGB wireless and would probably still get away with it. It’s nice to see all the essentials of a good mouse being packed into a budget-friendly product.

Nice design, good performance, high comfort and a cheap price. Even if you’re not lookin for a budget mouse, this is still a top tier choice and you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

Corsair Harpoon RGB other angle

If you’re looking for other budget gaming mice alternatives then you should also check out the Logitech G203 Lightsync (which does have more visible RGBs) and is also a very decent pick.

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