Beyerdynamic Custom Game review: Better than average

Price Fairness










  • Balanced Sound
  • Amazing Microphone
  • Replaceable earcup covers
  • Adjustable bass sliders
  • Mucho dinero $
  • Bulky

Over the years the standard ‘mid-tier’ gaming headsets have significantly increased their performance. Some of them are actually insanely good for their relatively low price. As good sound, strong builds and comfort have become standard, high-tier products have to stand out to justify spending the extra cash.

The Beyerdynamic Custom Game proves that the extra buck can still bring advantages to the table. This headset shines with superior audio quality more than anything else, making it a good pick for $ 149,00.


The first impression of the Beyerdynamic Custom Game’s design gives some mixed feelings. It looks and feels like a studio headset, that just got a microphone added in the last step to turn it into a gaming headset. While this doesn’t sound bad, this also means it’s a bulky boy and unfortunately not a handsome one at that.

Inside the headband there are flexible metal strips that are wrapped in an extremely plushy, removeable cover. The same level of comfyness transitions over to the cans, which are equipped with soft faux leather pads. Even during long sessions the leather feels easy to wear and seals nicely to keep out background noise efficiently. 

Between the band and the cups there are metal arches that hold them together. Through them you get to adjust the angle of the cups to find your preferred settings, which works great for all kind of head sizes.

The industrial design reflects the focus on performance over anything else. Even though it’s a rather heavy headset with 1.3 pounds, the weight gets distributed nicely not belittling the overall comfyness.

The back lid of the cans can be exchanged with covers that feature different designs. This has already been seen on other Beyerdynamic headphones and is a pretty cool features, as it gives some dynamic to the look. If you’ve seen enough of a certain design, you can easily change it to one of the other six that get delivered.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game Covers

The 3.5mm cable features a mute button, as well as an in-line volume control. The cardioid microphone is directly attached to the 3.5mm cord and thus not detachable.

Another pretty cool feature are the physical, individual bass sliders on each earcup. You can change the bass settings on the fly by simply adjusting the sliders depending on the sound stage you’re going for.


Just like with other Beyerdynamic products the audio quality is where this headset really shines.

Let’s start with the broad frequency response of 5 – 35.000 Hz. Even though our ears aren’t capable to comprehend the whole spectrum, it leaves a small trace at the end of every note, that just makes the Custom Game sound that much better.

Overall, this headset performs absolutely great in all sort of different settings. There is much attention going on at the lower frequencies, but the treble and midrange is strikingly good as well. While gaming, it picks up orchestral scores just as nicely as small detailed ambient noises and puts them beautifully in scene. The metallic sound of swords striking each other is clear, while explosions have a juicy bass.

Even though the Custom Game is a stereo headset it provides a rather good sense of spatial awareness. If you’re a fellow FPS fan, this is definitely a solid pick, but there are better options available for that specific case. This headset is probably best used for big, immersive sound stages.

The bass slider on each earcup might seem like a gimmick at first glance, but using them actually makes a real difference. The lower end of the slider delivers neutral bass, while the other end really enables the bass to pack a punch. To separately adjust the bass level of both earcups is also useful for people who have variable hearing abilites, as this is something almost no other headset offers.

Beyerdynamic Custom Game product side

The 3.5mm jack means that this headset can be used as plug-and-play on a PC and also various consoles or mobile devices. Testing the Beyerdynamic Custom Game on different devices felt equally great on every single one of them.

The microphone is something to not look by for sure. Actually, this thing is one of the single best microphones that can be found on a gaming headset. The transmitted voice sounds rich and clean and is better than pretty much any of it’s direct competitor’s. The cardioid pattern is forgiving in terms of positioning and does a nice job of filtering out ambient noise. 


The price of the Custom Game is a bit higher than the average, but is absolutely fair and still a great deal.

This gaming headset is performing just above mid-tier products on almost every level, which makes it an amzing pick for the price it gets offered right now. The comfort and microphone are basically unmatched and pair great with the stunning audio quality.

The Custom Game does perfectly what it was designed for, even though it might not be the most beautiful headset.

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Price fairness
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